Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Haul - Farmers and

Kia Ora!

My first ever haul blog!! I love seeing these from other people so here's my attempt.

I went on a small shopping spree to Farmers and got a few products off, when they were having a sale. I'm impressed with how quick they shipped out my products, although I was upset that some of the products I ordered (and paid for) were out of stock. I was refunded, which was fine, but I was looking forward to trying some Trilogy products. Oh well, maybe next time! 

First off, the products from mybeautystore.

Garnier Radience Boosting Scrub (Wake Me Up)

Yay, an exfoliating scrub! I'm most excited about this because I've been finding it really hard to wake up in the morning before work, so I'm hoping that this helps. I love trying new scrubs so I'm looking forward to trying it out. It smells like orange panadol (the one kids have) so I'll be interested to see how that scent works when using this product. 

Garnier Pure Daily Deep Pore Wash

I've been noticing some blackheads on my nose and thought this might help deal with them. I'm also keen to try a product with salycilic acid in the hopes it helps with my breakouts. 

Trilogy samples

You get to choose 3 samples with orders from mybeautystore, and I at least get to try some Trilogy products. Hopefully these are as nice as they are rumoured to be, and I'm keen to see what all the fuss is about. 

Manicare Mini Tweezers

I lost my tweezers a few months ago in a house move, so I'm really happy to get these. They came as a free gift for spending over $25 (before the refunded products). They are super cute!

Right, now onto the Farmers products.

Vixen Hair Graffiti Hair Colour Chalks - Pastel

My little sister is visiting for the school holidays and this is our treat for her visit. We will be trying these out over the next few days and it should be a lot of fun :)

Australis Paparazzi Perfect High Definition Eyeshadow

I saw this in a Youtube video (by Jen Luv's Reviews) and then it was on sale. It's like the fates wanted me to have it! It was $3.00 so I just couldn't resist. The colours are really pretty, and I think it will be a great summer eyeshadow palette (even in the depths of winter I can dream of the sun). 

The shadows are really soft, and the swatches look great (see below)! The lighter pink isn't very visible but the rest are really pigmented. I say this with very limited make-up knowledge. However, I like this palette. 

Well, that's it for my first haul. I'm not sure these will happen very often as I mostly don't buy much (or at least try not to). Hope you enjoyed! Constructive criticism welcomed! I would love to fix any major annoying errors! 

Until next time ...

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