Monday, 21 July 2014

Share the magic - Trilogy

Kia Ora!

Hey everyone! 

Trilogy was kind enough to send me out a sample pack of their Rosehip Oil. I heard about this oil on Beauty Review, where there are tons of great reviews of this product. If you want to know more from consumer reviews and opinions they can be found here. The information provided by Trilogy can be found here

The samples come in gorgeous glass bottles, each with a little dropper to make application easier. The bag that all the samples came in feels like a very high quality and looks very cute! Any ideas as to what I could re-purpose it as?

I'm really excited to begin using the oil, and I have some extra samples to give away too! 
I gave a few to my sister, mother and my partner's sister and mother too. I'm keeping a couple to pop into birthday gifts of friends and will be trying my sample out soon. I've just started using a new cleanser and want to let my skin get used to that before integrating another new product into my skin routine.

If you want to sign up to Beauty Review please think about using my referral link.

Until next time ...

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