Monday, 28 July 2014

Magical Free Things - July 2014

Kia Ora!

The second installment of free things has arrived!
Some came in the post, some from the shops this month. Read on to find out more (and to find links to any samples still available).

Plus an offer I found today for a full-size shampoo/conditioner voucher worth $33! Check out the bottom of this post for the details!

Comvita Medihoney Natural Moisturising Lotion

This one is a really generous sample! It was very popular too as they ran out of samples early! So I can't point the way for anyone else to get any, but apparently they do frequent giveaway's there.

 This moisturiser is apparently perfect for people with sensitive skin or any type of skin issues. I don't have any major skin issues like that so I'm saving this sample to pass on to either a family member or a friend. 

Lush - various products

I went into Lush for a skincare consultation and the sales girl was generous enough to provide samples of the products we discussed. This was great as she gave a demonstration in store and I've been able to try them out at home too.

I got a sample cleanser, exfoliator, toner, moisturiser and acne spot treatment. I've used all the toner (but didn't love it), and haven't really used the rest of the products. The moisturiser is lovely though - Gorgeous was apparently originally created for Princess Diana.
(Product names: Grease Lightening, Tea Tree Toner, Dark Angels, Herbalism, Gorgeous).

I'm fairly sure that any visit to a Lush shop will get you a consultation and samples, but just check with the sales people once you're there. Who can resist the lovely smells from that shop anyway!

Trilogy samples

I received these samples from when I bought some Garnier products from them. Please see my blog post here for more information.

 There was a choice of three samples on checkout, with 10 available. I missed out on the Trilogy product I wanted to buy, so I'm happy to have some samples of various things. Needless to say, I haven't tried these yet (and with the sudden influx of Memeboxes, I'm not sure when I will get to these).

Trilogy Rosehip Oil

I received 10 of these little bottles to share with friends and family. I blogged about it when it happened here. The bottles are so adorable, and hold a decent sample of product. 

I'm fairly sure the offer is closed by check out Trilogy's website and Facebook just in case. 

Medoflowers samples

Medoflowers was kind enough to  send me some samples of their products. They all came in little pots, with a fairly generous sample of each product (cleanser, moisturiser and eye cream). This one was courtesy of Facebook (via Beauty Review) and I think they had such a massive response I was lucky to get one.

The products are nice and light, and do what they are supposed to. I particularly like the eye cream as it leaves my eyes very hydrated. There is no real scent to the products, which could be good for those with sensitive skin. This company is really friendly to deal with too, responding with lots of smiley emoticons, which I rather enjoy.

Compeed Blister pack and cold sore care

This one just got here today, and you can get yours from here if you want to try these out. I don't usually need blister or cold sore protection, but I figure it's better to be prepared than to have something huge and sore and not be able to deal with it. A good addition to the medicine cabinet (aka the box shoved under my sink).

Well that's it for this month. Although I did just find a voucher for a free shampoo thing from KMS Callifornia. Follow this link to try and get your own (I'll be reporting back in next months version of this blog post). Apparently you get a full size item worth $33, and presumably salon quality. Awesome!

I ran out and picked it up as a last minute addition to this blog post. Here it is! It's a deep conditioning treatment - Moist Repair to be exact, and something I've wanted to try out for awhile. I'll keep you all updated on it! Go get yours now.

Until next time ...

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