Monday, 17 November 2014

Memebox Special #47 My Dessert Box

Kia ora!

Welcome to yet another Memebox unboxing. I hope you aren't sick of them, because there are quite a few more to go. Seriously though, if you are feeling overwhelmed by the avalanche of Memeboxes, let me know and I'll throw something different into the mix.

Firstly the no-spoiler pic for links, and the cards for extra eager beavers.

It's Skin Cookie & Hand Cream - Strawberry

This stuff smells divine. I am actively resisting eating it, and I want ice cream now. Damn you Memebox. This hand cream is lovely and creamy, leaving my hands feeling soft and hydrated. The small brown bits crumble easily and don't leave streaks on your hands (my initial fear when I saw this).

RRP: $9
Full size.

Navilera Traditional Dessert Soap (Number 9)

This is a handcrafted soap version of a traditional Japanese dessert. It smells lovely, and looks adorable! I'm never going to get around to using this, but I will be passing this along as a Christmas present. I am interested that this is a Japanese product, not Korean, I love that Memebox appear to be branching out a little bit? It's awesome to be exposed to different cultures.

RRP: $5
Full size.

dearberry Single Scoop Blusher 001 Chiffon Pink

This blush looks like an ice cream scoop, perfectly round. It is quite cute, but I'm never going to use it. I swear, for a girl who doesn't wear blush, I've received about 7 in the last few weeks. Not overjoyed about this, but I can see how this fits with the theme of this box. I'll be passing this on.

RRP: $11
Full size.

Shara Shara Lemon Tea Pore Stick

Another makeup product I'll never use. Oh well, this can be added into a friend's goodie bag, and I'm sure she will appreciate it. I can't really say anything about this product, as even if I had tested it, I can't speak to the quality as I have no yardstick to measure it against. Sorry!

RRP: $12
Full size.

Carver Korea Le Petit Prince Creme

This is a collaboration with a blogger from Korea (who I've never heard of). It looks ok, and is supposed to be a toner, emulsion, ampoule, cream and sleeping pack all in one. I'm a bit dubious of that, but it would be good for those lazy days when I can't spare the time for a full routine (or simply for the rare occasion when I'm too drunk to manage it properly).

RRP: $46
Full size.

Delskin Skin Juice 90 Real Ampoule

This product made the box for me. I'm obsessed with using it, and have been religiously using it day and night since I got this box. It is a thin liquid that you use an eye dropper to get out of the bottle. It smells like oranges, and has strawberry, lime, raspberry, lemon, mango, apricot, orange, grapefruit, kiwi, papaya, broccoli, cucumber, and carrot extracts.

Phew, do you think this counts as part of my 5+ a day? Seriously, I love this product. It instantly brightens my complexion, sinks in easily and leaves skin soft and plump. I can't get enough. It will take me years to use up though as 3 drops per day isn't much when facing a huge bottle like this. But I'm totally ok with this.

RRP: $30
Full size.


Total value of the box: $113.

Honestly, the box itself isn't anything special, other than the Delskin Ampoule. That product alone makes this box for me, and the rest is for re-gifting. Overall a cutesy box, and I'm sure many people will love it. But not the best Memebox for me personally. 

I spent the weekend organising my Meme-stash, and the next job is to create a  testing scedule and spreadsheet of all my products. So exciting as I love organisng. How did you guys spend your weekend?

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Until next time ...

Disclaimer: Affiliate links used in this post. I pay for all my boxes myself, with some bonus points when available. If you feel like supporting a Memebox addict, please feel free to use my links. I will appreciate it!

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