Thursday, 13 November 2014

Memebox Superbox #56 Yogurt Cosmetics

Kia Ora!

Another addition to my overflowing tower of Memeboxes and related Korean products. I've been looking forward to the Yoghurt box for aaaagggeeessss, and I'm so glad it is finally here!

Without further ado, let's get to the important part: the big reveal!

The card for those who need more info than I provide.

Rappol Calming Cream

I think this is for babies or allergy prone people? Either way it probably isn't really suited for me personally, which kinda sucks. I may just use it anyway, as I think the few friends I have that have the relevant skin type will baulk at Korean products. Not the best start ...

RRP: $59 (Holy shit, really?)
Full size.

Purederm Skin Softening Yoghurt Mask Strawberry

There we go, that's a much better product. This one I can't wait to use! I'm currently one hand down (the left one had a bit of an accident with a knife and has to regrow a part of a finger - nothing too bad but I can't get it wet for awhile, so no washoff masks until then).

This mask is a creamy texture, and looks great. It is quite nice to get a bigger purederm product as usually it is a single sheet mask or something similar, and this one I can really test out properly. I can't wait to be able to give this one a go!

RRP: $12
Full size.

Happy Bath Facial Yoghurt Cleansing Foam

I love getting new cleansers. I have a ton already, thanks to previous Memeboxes and other subscription boxes, but I am not unhappy about it. This has a safety seal, so I'm gonna resist the urge to tear it off, and keep it safe for later.

These were randomly selected from Gentle, Moist, Silky or Firm. I have no idea which one I got. Not firm coz that is all berries but it could be any of the others. Oh well, I'll still use it whatever type it is.

RRP: $6
Full size.

Holika Holika I want Chu LIp Balm 01 Strawberry Smoothie

These lip balms are adorable, and I couldn't resist using them straight away! Particularly whtn the description cards says that "this is an item to be used before a kiss time with your lover." I had the strawberry on my lips, my SO had the yoghurt on, and we squished 'em together via our lips. I think we fully utilised the meaning of kiss time, in our own 'special' way. The effects were ok, but nothing spectacular. The scent changed a bit, but was still lovely and sweet.

The lip balm itself is very moisturising, and I didn't notice any drying effects. The packaging is adorable, with a slight tint to the pink balm. Nothing really noticeable, but my SO complimented my lips and all I had on was this balm. Recommended for the novelty value if nothing else.

RRP: $11
Full size.

Pure Smile Yoghurt Mask Mixed Fruits

These look great, and I'm always a fan of sheet masks. I am loving the fact that there are two, especially as Memebox is notorious for only providing one mask per box. I'm excited by this and have added these to my Sheet Mask Drawer (yes a whole drawer). Look out for a review in an upcoming Masked Madness post.

RRP: $5
Full size.

ettang Modelling Take-out Cup Pack Yoghurt

This looks like one of those mix yourself masks. I'm ok with this, but not hugely thrilled. I'm inherently lazy, so extra steps don't happen at the end of a long work day. I'll probably get around to this at some point. A good and exciting product to include overall, and I am pretty excited to give this a go. There looks like there is tons of powder in there so I can probably get 3-4 masks out of this one tub. Yay!

RRP: $3
Full size (although Memeshop is selling a set of 6 as full size so this may not be the true definition of full size).


Total value of the box: $96. 

Most of the value is the first cream that I'm not sure about, but the other products are pretty awesome so I'm happy with this box. I love receiving so many mask products, and really can't wait to give them all a go. 

Overall I think this was a really well-curated box and I'm delighted with it. Memeboxes haven't been as great recently, but this one is well done. It's well thought out, with a nice variety of products (even including the variation between types of masks), and all products are yoghurt related without being gross. 

Memebox just released the Thanksgiving box today, and I'm debating whether to get it. The description is so vague though, so I'm undecided. Feel free to use my link and codes for discounts (automatic $5 off a $100 purchase with my link). 

Discount codes for those who want to try them out:
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Save 20% on orders above $200: OPJAG1
FREE shipping on orders above $30 in Shop Global: YP67MC

Until next time ...

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