Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Memebox Special #49 Hair & Body 4: Spa Edition

Kia ora!

I've had about 10 Memeboxes arrive in the last 10 days, so I was clearly on a spending spree a couple of months ago. It makes it interesting but I'm a bit over Memebox right now. So the reviews are probably going to be a little more harsh, just warning you.

This box is supposed to make you beautiful from head to toe, and reminiscent of a spa experience. I don't get to experience that often so I'm looking forward to luxury and spoiling.

Zamian Clean Foot 

I've been seeing these foot peel sock things around the Memebox blogosphere, and I still don't know how I feel about them. There seems to be something inherently disgusting about peeling all your foot skin off a week after doing this. Why does it take a week??

Anyways, this version looks a bit more complicated than others, and comes complete with some wonderful Chinglish. Enlarge the picture and have a read, you won't regret it.

RRP: $36
Full size.

Mstar Malus Intensive Hair Treatment

I am very into hair treatments these days, and other Memebox products seem to be doing good things for my hair. This one is supposed to give me firmer, glossier hair. That sounds great, and I will be using this at some point in the next few weeks!

RRP: $15

Milky Dress Pink Lovely Fast Shampoo

Firstly, that name makes no sense. Secondly, I'm stoked to have a Korean shampoo. I'm desperately trying to use up the crappy ones in my shower so I can move on to the one I got in the [insert box here], and then this one will be next. Very happy to have this, and give it a go.

RRP: $40
Full size.

Nadu Skin Aroma Mini Bathboom

A bathboom? Sounds explosive! I don't have a bath at my place, but these sound like a good excuse to invade my mother-in-laws place, and use her bathtub. These tablets are tiny, but there are 4 of them so I can forgive that. They also smell a bit weird, so I'll have to see what happens when they are in the water. I'll keep everyone updated in an empties post.

RRP: $2
Full size.

Dermahouse Stretch Care Cream

Oh a cream to make your stretch marks disappear? I don't think that is a real thing, and sounds like a massive marketing gimmick more than anything. But oh well, I suppose it is a type of body lotion. I don't use those as much as I should so I'll be giving this away.

RRP: $20
Full size.

Swanicoco 100% Natural Peeling Herb Pack

This looks, strange. I'm totally happy to plaster my face with all sorts of creams and lotions, I just don't know how keen I am to make up the mask myself. I've said before that these products are too much hassle, but I'll still try it out one boring Sunday. This one can be used on face and body, so that will make for a fun experiment.

RRP: $12


Total value of the box: $125. 

This box is ok. I can't really rave about it. I'm excited about the shampoo and hair treatment, and a little scared by the foot treatment but otherwise pretty meh about everything else. Not the best box, but I'll use everything barring one product so essentially worth it for me. I like that even an average Memebox yields usable products, as opposed to some of the monthly subscription boxes where there may be only one usable product in a box. 

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Until next time ...

Disclaimer: Affiliate links used in this post. I pay for all my boxes myself, with some bonus points when available. If you feel like supporting a Memebox addict, please feel free to use my links. I will appreciate it!

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