Thursday, 20 November 2014

Memebox Special #48 Rose Edition

Kia ora!

The next update to the Memeboxes cluttering up my bathroom/bedroom/spare room/lounge. They have taken over and are everywhere! This one was received in a bundle with the Hair and Body 4, and the Dessert Box.

Onwards! I look forward to the lovely scents that are bound to assail me!

Rosery Premium Feminine Secret Cleanser

I've never used one of these before. They are supposedly specially formulated to be gentle on sensitive areas (you know where I'm talking about). Out of curiosity, I had to start using this straight away. I've been using it for a little while now, and I must say it isn't bad. It lathers up really nicely, and leaves a clean feeling behind. It also smells rather nice, without being overpowering. I'm not sure I would go out and look for this, but I'm happy enough to use it if I get it.

RRP: $12 (full size 200ml)
Sample size (50ml): $3

Langsre Rose Berry 70 Sleeping Pack

I'm really digging the thought of a sleeping pack, but my testing schedule won't allow for one right now. Read, I have too many other cool things to try out that by the time I get round to sleeping packs it will be May or so. This two weeks trial thing is so hard to stick to (but I know my skin will go bananas if I don't).

This is a light gel with pieces of rose petal in it. It smells very nice, and I am really excited to have it. It fits perfectly in this box, and makes for a bit of a different product, to off-set all the moisturisers and serums Memebox sends out otherwise. This product is also currently on sale in the Memeshop if you want to try it for yourself.

RRP: $30
Full size.

Kskin Bulgarian Rose UV Whitening Cream SPF50+ PA+++

I've been dreaming of having a stash of Korean suncream, particularly because it seems to be more effective for protecting my face than any sunscreen I can get here in NZ. This one looks good, I'm happy that it has such high protection. I haven't opened it right now as I have just started one, but I'll be using this over summer I'm sure.

RRP: $8
Full size.

Aston Nature Organic Rose Hip Oil

I'm not a fan of putting oils on my face, I would prefer to stick to serums and essences. But I know other people who will use this up. Well, potentially. There is one fatal flaw with this product. It stinks! It honestly smells like off fish oil, and I gag every time I smell it. After application the scent fades a bit, but still isn't pleasant. The other not-so-great thing is that this product expires in February. How can I even attempt to use this properly with a riduculously close expiry date? Come on Memebox, don't fall into that trap!

Update: Memebox got back to me about the date on the bottle. They claim that it is a ''sell-by'' date. And that the bottle should be ok for 9-12 months. Considering it smells disgusting, and I'm not convinced by this sell-by business, I'm going to throw this in the bin.

RRP: $36
Full size.

Etude House My Castle Hand Cream Forever Rose

Isn't this package so adorable? It's a bit like the Polly Pockets I used to play with as a kid, and I love it. This is made even better by the fact that the hand cream inside smells absolutely divine! I can't stop smelling it and I don't know how I'm going to throw out the box. #hoarderalert

RRP: $6
Full size.

Milky Dress Blooming Rose Skin Toner

This has rose petals inside it! They look so pretty when I shake the bottle around. I've got a couple of toners to try out before this one, so I'm leaving it closed for now, but I'm excited to give it a go.

RRP: $37
Full size.


Total value of the box: $120.

I'm pretty happy overall with this box. It has a great mix of products, most of which I'm really excited to start using. The one major fail (possibly the biggest fail in my Memebox history) is the rose hip oil, because of the smell and the expiry date. But I can deal with that coz the rest of the box is pretty epic. It has some different items in there, and things that I'm really excited to try out. What do you guys think? 

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Until next time ...

Disclaimer: Affiliate links used in this post. I pay for all my boxes myself, with some bonus points when available. If you feel like supporting a Memebox addict, please feel free to use my links. I will appreciate it!

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