Thursday, 6 November 2014

Oh Sheet Mask - The First Edition (October)

Kia ora!

Today I am featuring a new box, one I am very excited about. It is a brand new subscription box company, operating out of Chiang Mai in Thailand, and they are providing the world with a variety of sheet masks. The delicious delicious gateway drug to Asian skincare! Or any skincare. This box is really awesome, and I've even got a bonus interview with the owners at the bottom of this post. 

The new box is Oh Sheet Mask, a monthly box filled to the brim with sheet masks. The box contains 10 masks per month (for $23) and the Bag of Sheet has 5 masks (for $11). You can order as a monthly recurring subscription, or simply get one to try out. There is also an informative page all about sheet masks for newbies. Best of all, shipping is free (and international). Monthly payments are on the 9th of each month, and their customer service is fantastic!

Please read on for one of the most exciting boxes I've received in quite awhile. 

Look, look at that box. Handmade, and so beautiful!! I love the colours, and can't decide if I should hoard this for myself, or re-use it for Christmas. This box is off to a fantastic start!

An ingredients list (in English). I know lots of skincare addicts are praising the Lord at the addition of this in the box. It is wonderful to see full translations of the ingredients, and that there is a commitment to not burning anyone's face off!!

Now for the masks, and I'm just going to let you scroll through the pics, as I haven't tried any yet, so all comments will be a version of "ooooh cool, I can't wait to use this".

My sheet mask drawer is now lovely and full of exotic and alluring masks. They are incredibly tempting. I think this box was really great for a first box! Great work Oh Sheet Mask!

I was also privy to some inside information about the new company. Read the lovely words below from the founders, Phil and Patt!

We're a couple, Phil & Patt, living in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Patt is a Thai native and a nurse, currently working in a hospital here after spending a few years in Canada completing her masters and being cold, while I'm teaching English to adults which is a fairly new career choice. Before this I've dabbled in all sorts really, but more a jack of all trades, master of none!.. while Patt has always been in the medical field.

We decided to make Oh Sheet Mask kinda just on a whim one day really; we were working on another website for Asian beauty products and I think I stumbled across another subscription box online and thought the whole idea of them was pretty cool, and just had a Google to see if there were any sheet masks ones around as we'd slowly been getting addicted to using them. The only ones we found were on Memebox and were around the same price as Oh Sheet but for fewer and more generic masks, so we figured we could provide a better/different service.. if nothing else I'd gain a bit more experience of making websites and Patt had an excuse to go crazy buying new masks! We really had no idea whether people would be interested; whether they'd think our website was terrible, if we'd have any orders etc.. and Patt was panicking, thinking people would hate her boxes, but the response has been incredible and we really appreciate all the comments and feedback we've received so far.

The main aim of Oh Sheet is to bring the huge variety of quality masks available here to you guys in the west, where only a select few seem to get marketed. We use all the masks ourselves and so we pick masks we personally love for the boxes based on quality, ingredients and uniqueness, as well as including a wide variety of different brands, benefits and styles, so (we hope) it's nearly impossible to not find at least one mask you'll fall in love with in a box! Sheet masks in general are a perfect choice for a subscription box as they're relatively inexpensive and there's such a variety to choose from nowadays, plus they're great fun to use (we scare our cat to death) so it just seemed right that we'd focus on them rather than anything else.

We're planning to include a lot more variety mask wise, different high quality ingredients (we see starfish is the new snail!) and also different mask materials, gel etc.. as well as various options on the website, mostly based on customer feedback which has been really helpful in steering us in the right direction.

The future.. no idea! We'd love Oh Sheet to become more popular and hope people enjoy our boxes (& bags) but we're just taking it one step at a time. After out first month's orders were all sent out we both looked at each other like 'WOW'.. breathed a massive sigh of relief and slept for a day straight! It's been a crazy few weeks for sure but we're really thankful and appreciate every comment we've had in response.

Can we add a disclaimer stating we're not responsible if a mask burns someones face off? Just kidding, overall, we'd just like to thank everyone for being part of Oh Sheet and hope you enjoy the masks as much as we do.

Thanks so much to Phil and Patt, for both agreeing to be featured on my blog, and for providing such a stellar first box. I'm probably going to cancel another subscription so I can keep on getting this one! I am particularly looking forward to starfish masks!

What do you guys think? Anyone keen for this box? 

Until next time ...

Disclaimer: I paid for the box myself, and all opinions are my own. I will always be honest, and keep it real (tacky Louisa, but true). 

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