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Violet Box New Zealand - October 2014

Kia ora!

Phew, sorry about being so late with blog posting recently (and apologies for the ungodly hour this goes up). I didn't realise how time poor I would be once I started this full time gig. At least it's enjoyable though right?!

My Violet Box arrived this morning, and I wanted to get this up asap (as opposed to seven weeks after the fact). The photos are not the best quality, due to early morning light, early morning lack of caffeine and the fact that I was on a rush out the door. But at least you get the point right?

Aphelia Peony Eye Cream

I don't have an eye cream as part of my elaborate, and ever increasing, skincare routine. So I'm really pleased to see this in here! I tried a little bit on my hand, and a little really does go a long way! Even though this looks like a tiny pot (and doesn't have any sort of measurement on it) I imagine it will last a good long time. The cream sunk in really quickly, and has a very subtle scent which is barely noticeable. Not a bad start VB!

RRP: $69.00 (15ml)
Sample size (?? maybe 5ml): $23 (maybe I'm estimating this wrong but we'll roll with it).

PHR Professional Recovery Leave-In Moisturiser

Since getting my Rapunzel Memebox I've been obsessed with hair products. Well, more obsessed than usual. I'm excited to give this one a go, and pit it against the Korean leave-in moisturisers I've already tried. We'll refer to it as the War of the Hair products.

In all seriousness, I'm always happy to have something like this to try out. I should get a couple of uses out of it as my hair is super thin, so that's good.

RRP: $41.50 (full size 125ml)
Sample size (15ml): $4.98

Wotnot Facial Wipes

I've been seeing these in Aussie boxes for months, and been quite keen to try them out. I love these little sample packs, as they are really easy to chuck in your bag or take away for the weekend without having to cart a massive suitcase full of skincare crap. I'm sure these will appear in an empties post soon with my thoughts.

RRP: $8.95 (25 wipes)
Sample size (5 wipes): $2.95

Designer Brands Retractable Lip Liner

I saw this in the box and cringed. I'm still quite new to makeup and bold colours are not really my thing. I'm pretty keen on nudes, and some lighter shades of pink, but I know for a fact I will never wear this lip liner. Partially because of the colour, partially because I don't really know how to use a lip liner properly, and I'm still getting to grips with lipstick. So onto the re-gift pile this one goes (any friend who reads this and wants it, hit me up).

RRP: $8.99

Be s Bombshell One Stick

This is another product I don't really think I will use. However, I might give this one a go, as an eyeshadow or lip colour if not a blush. I quite like the muted pink tone, and the packaging is really neat. I did receive an eyeshadow quad from this brand which I like, so I am more inclined to give this one a chance than the lip liner.

RRP: $23

Haughty Lip Gloss

I saw this and immediatly lumped it in the 'oh god no' category with the lip liner. However, I wore it to work today. It wasn't as pigmented as it appears in the tube, and thus wasn't as scary. I tried it on mainly to see how it looked on the lips, and quite liked it. It isn't crazy red, but does make my lips look like I'm dressing up as Snow White. I've had it on for four hours or so, and it now has a nice subtle stain. It is also really nice as it isn't drying out my lips, and isn't overly sticky (which I think everybody hates). I think I might end up liking this one (much to my surprise).

RRP: $23

Some swatches of the makeup for those who want to see them.


Total value of the box: $85.92.

This box was a mix of success and failure for me. Overall I think it is quite well curated, with a decent mix of skincare and makeup. I'm keen to give all the skincare a go, and I like the lip gloss. The other two makeup bits will be useful with Christmas coming up so I'm not too unhappy.

I was thinking about  cancelling another subscription to help fund the Memepocalyse, but this one is actually not too bad. I'll wait on the Goodiebox, and see how that goes. If that is as awful as last month then it will get  the boot, otherwise there will be long discussions inside my head about what to do next. Damn this blog for enabling me :P

Did anyone else get any different products in their Violet Box? What do you all think about this month's box?

Until next time ...

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