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Beauty Review Beauty Box - March 2015

Kia Ora!

Bright and early my Beauty Review Beauty Box arrived. I wasn't sure that was what it was as the size was completely different to last time, but I have been dying to receive this. I bought it for about $50 back in December, and have been excitedly waiting for the last few months. The last box was so amazing, and I'm experiencing a major need to open this box up quick!

P.S. Sorry for the less than ideal lighting. It was very early morning and raining when I took these photos, and artificial light looked pretty terrible. Apologies!

Purple!! I love purple, and I love the simplicity of the box design. It's also a bit novel that each box changes size depending on the products inside. I also really like that the box is just cardboard, and can be recycled easily (either in the recycling bin or reused).

The March box in comparison with a Goodiebox (my go to comparison these days). It isn't much bigger, but I can tell it is packed full of goodies.

Once again, top-notch design and the tissue paper is awesome. I need BR to tell me where to get more so I can wrap all future gifts with it.

The all important information car. The card has also been made to fit the box, and I think that is cool. Not from an "I store all my information cards and these ones don't fit neatly" but from a personalisation of the box standpoint.

There is a ton of products in there! And packed with military precision.

Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser

This is a spray on moisturiser that apparently has no greasy after-feel. That's good as I hate greasiness after moisturising, and that is probably the number one reason why I'm slack about doing it sometimes. I tried this out, and once you get used to the spray part (rather odd to begin with) it is a great moisturiser. No greasiness, and leaves skin feeling soft. I am happy to have this, and will enjoy using it. It doesn't have a scent, which for me makes it slightly less appealing; I know that lots of people dislike scents in their products though, so this will be great for them.

RRP: $10.99
Full size.

Za Cheeks Groovy in Glowing Pink

I've been relatively keen on blush recently, and so this is rather exciting. I don't have quite this soft pink colour, so I'll be happy to add this to my tiny collection. It does have rather a lot of gold through it, but I can't say how this transfers as I didn't manage to swatch it. It looks pretty though!

RRP: $20.00
Full size.

Rimmel Glam Eyes in Brixton Brown

I really like eyeshadow, and I think this is a great addition to the box. Makeup lovers will be excited about this one I'm sure. Personally, I think it is a really pretty wee palette but not in shades I will use. I prefer more neutral tones, and generally shy away from darker shadows. I haven't opened this yet as I might gift it to a friend. I'm not excited to have this purely because of the dark colours, but I can see it being a great item for someone who uses makeup more than I do (i.e. more than almost never).

RRP: $16.99
Full size.

Moisture Mist Impressive Lash Mascara

Similar to the Rimmel product, I think this is a great product to include but possibly not the best for me. I will use it, as mascara is one of the few makeup products I use on occasion,  but I'm not overly enthusiastic about this one.

RRP: $30.00 (wow do people actually pay that much for mascara!)
Full size.

Za Liquid Eyeliner

Once again a product I can see being amazing for makeup lovers, but I wouldn't have a clue how to use this. I can barely use mascara, and eyeliner is beyond me. I do like that it isn't a simple black pencil, and is a bit different. However it isn't a product I will use (although that is on me and not BR).

RRP: $20.00
Full size.

Cameo Teasing Brush

I don't understand what this brush is for. Did it fall out of the '80s? I'm the first to admit that I'm a boring hair person. I like using products to make it healthy and shiny, but my hairdo consists of a ponytail, or a french braid. Nothing fancy. Therefore I'm probably not the ideal audience of this brush. I'll probably pass this on, but it is a novel item to have in the box.

RRP: $5.00
Full size.

Cameo Bobby Spinners

Well, after saying how boring my hairdos are, maybe these will help spice things up! I do have trouble with buns, but really like them (must be the stereotypical librarian in me). I'm really excited to have a play with these, and see what I can do.

RRP: $5.00
Full size.

Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick

This is a really pretty colour! I love it so much. I'm very much into browns and such, and I can't wait to wear this for winter. I can see it getting quite a bit of use. I forgot to look at the colour name before leaving home (I'm a terrible blogger), but will update later tonight for those curious. It felt smooth and creamy when I swatched it, and I can't wait to wear it later in the week.

Edit: The colour is Sunbronze. I love it! It looked awesome when I wore it to work yesterday, and felt like a lip balm.

RRP: $24.99
Full size.

Billion Dollar Brows Universal Brow Pencil

Hmmm, this is the one product I'm really not sure about in the box. I think a brow pencil is a great product (and this one has a spoolie on the end which is fantastic). However, I have very fair hair, and thus blonde eyebrows. This pencil claims to be one shade for all, and you just add more product for a darker effect. I would say this is accurate from the swatch I took, but I don't know if it will still be too dark for me. I'll have to try it out tonight to find out! Swatch below of brow pencil and lippy for your perusal.

RRP: $33.00
Full size.

Billion Dollar Brows pencil - one line on left, several swipes on right
Max Factor Colour Elixir - colour to be updated tonight

Shiseido Glow Enhancing Primer

This one is a sample in the box, and doesn't contribute to the overall value. I really like that BR does this, as it means we get to try samples, but they aren't over-inflating the value of the box in an underhanded way. This is the only sample in the March box. There were tons in the December box, but again these don't add to the value so it doesn't really matter that there's only one. I haven't ever really used a primer, so this is a good thing for me to try. Having a little bottle probably makes it easier too, as I'm more likely to give it a go. Thanks BR.

RRP: $ none provided
Sample size.

Trilogy Vital Moisturising Cream 

Now this is the most exciting product in the box for me. I love skincare, and have been lusting over Trilogy for a long time. As with the last box, BR seem to know exactly what I need in my routine, and provide it in the nick of time. Today was my day to try and figure out which day cream to start using (either with Memebox creams or by buying a new one), and now I have this! I used it this morning, and my face feels wonderful. It has mostly sunk in (I think I used a bit too much as I'm prone to do on the first attempt), and my skin feels very soft and plump! I'm very very very excited to have received this one, and it makes the box for me! Thank you very much BR!

RRP: $49.90
Full size.

Skinfood Cleans All

Once again, an awesome skincare product to receive. I haven't tried this, and have been interested in getting to know Skinfood (the New Zealand company not the South Korean company) as a brand. I'm happy to have this and will use it with pleasure.

I have one slight issue with this product though. The card shows that you could receive the Cleans All, the Exfoliator, or the Mud Masque. I clearly remember in the survey sent out, there was a question where you said which one you would prefer - without knowing the brand of course. I am 100% certain that I clicked on the masque option, as I'm completely obsessed with masks of all descriptions. I'm disappointed that my answer wasn't taken into consideration (for whatever reason), and I'm not sure of the point of the questionnaire if the product preferred isn't provided. This is a bit of a let-down, even though I'm excited to have the Cleans All anyway.

RRP: $13.99
Full size.

Rexona Clinical Protection

A deodorant is a novel and different product to include. However it is something that everyone uses (or should be using), and this seems to be a bit more high intensity than normal ones at the supermarket. I had a bit of confusion on opening and having to twist up a stick through some little holes (very odd - probably American in origin as they have stick deodorant right?), but I got there. The scent is non-offensive, and a little floral. On application the product melts into your armpits, and so far is keeping me very dry. Not that I'm sweating much in a cold office, but still. I like this, and it will probably be the most useful and practical product from the box.

RRP: $15.27
Full size.

Total value of the box: $245.13 (plus sample primer).

Wow. That's amazing value for the box; nearly five times what I paid for it! Phew, BR, you really do produce fantastic boxes. I'm officially addicted.

Even though this box felt makeup heavy to me, and I won't use most of the makeup, I still think it is a good box and worth the money. The skincare and lipstick more than cover my own costs, and the rest will be happily re-gifted or played with and given to younger cousins afterwards.I truly do think this is a well-curated and brilliantly put together box. It's already a million times better than many other subscription boxes because of some of the personalisation and the excess of full size products. I can understand BR can't personalise everything as it takes away the mystery of the products, and they certainly can't please everyone with every item, but they do a great job.

I can be relatively objective, and say to myself that it was a great box for makeup lovers, and people who are a bit more adventurous with hair and makeup than I am. Even simply from a skincare perspective, this is a wonderful box. The inclusion of Trilogy nearly made me faint with excitement.

Overall, well done BR! Another well curated  box, and I'm so grateful I was able to secure one. I am already excited about the June one!

These boxes are only available to member of Beauty Review, a great NZ based reviewing website. It's a great community, and more are always welcome. Sign up here if you are interested, and let me know what you think of their first beauty box. 

Until next time ...

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