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Foodiebox - March 2015

Kia Ora!

Foodiebox is the food baby of Goodiebox. I assume they are run by the same company as their websites look the same and the person running their Facebook pages does the same kind of posts.

This is a bi-monthly box which costs $39 plus shipping. I have been curious about this box since it started (being a Goodiebox customer originally) so am keen to see what a box is like. I'm interested in food (who isn't when it is what our bodies demand for life), but I'm not a massive foodie. I also don't have any special dietary needs so I can eat whatever I want.

The box this month didn't come in a magnetized box, but a normal box with a sticker seal. I'm quite glad of this actually, as I don't have any desire to get a massive box I'll never use again. I won't feel bad about recycling a plain box at all.

Here's a comparison pic of this month's Foodiebox and an old Goodiebox.

The cards. I like that a recipe card is included, as it makes the contents of the box more usable, particularly when some of the products included are unfamiliar. Mmmmm ribs look delicious (despite the pixelating of the pictures).

The theme is Summer Taste Sensations. Seems like that might be more appropriate to December rather than March, but meh. I'm sure I'll still eat everything.

Wiltshire Silicone Ice Tray

This is really cute. Silicone ice cube trays are really popular, and super easy to use. I love that this was included, although, again, perhaps not the best timing? Seems to be more of a summer product for those hot months, rather than going into autumn. However, I think this is a great addition and I'm happy to have it.

RRP: $7.99
Full size.

Kind Fruit and Nut bars (x2)

I received two Almond and Apricot bars. These bars have all the current healthy buzzwords associated with them, which makes them great for everyone (hopefully). They look seriously yummy and I can't wait to eat them. I think I'll take them to work and keep them for those days when I'm extra hungry for whatever reason (cough *forgot to eat breakfast* cough). I would have loved to have two different flavours included, but I'm not too worried about it. The website for these bars is found here.

RRP: $3.50 (although they are $2.35 on the website)
Full size.

Ceres Organics Cashew Coconut Butter

I wasn't sure at all how to use this when I first saw it. But once I opened it up, I realised it is pretty much a variant of peanut butter (although without peanuts obviously) and I can use this on toast. My SO and I were actually fighting over who got to dip their finger into the jar first (a bit gross I know, sorry everyone). This spread is delicious, and everyone should go and grab some. The price is a bit prohibitive but it really is delicious.

RRP: $14.25
Full size.

Multix Scented Rubbish Bags

Ummm, this is one of the weirdest products I've ever seen. I'm totally fine receiving rubbish bags, if not overly excited. The vanilla aspect is slightly strange, and a big of a gimmick. I'll happily give these a go, but I don't think they will be life changing.

RRP: $4.99
Full size.

Ceres Organics Coconut chips

This is effectively dried pieces of coconut. I had to open this immediately after receiving the box, to test out for the sake of the blog. Luckily, this packet is delicious.  A bit dry to simply munch on, but delicious. I'm thinking I'll add this to muesli for breakfast and bask in how yummy it is.

RRP: $4.50
Full size.

Rocket Fuel Sauce 

My SO loves this sauce. We've seen these sauces in restaurants before, and flirted with the thought of trying to get hold of some, but never really put the plan into action. Now there's no need. This sauce smells and tastes fantastic, and I think it is a great addition for this box. Yum, I can't wait to use it in the ribs recipe from the card.

RRP: $6.00
Full size.

Betty Crocker Gluten Free Devil's Food Cake Mix

Honestly, I'm not excited to see this in the box. I had guessed something like this would be included from Facebook comps recently, but I won't use this. Firstly because I prefer to bake from scratch and not worry about what has been added to my cake mix without my knowledge. Secondly, I am not keen on gluten free things. I think the big craze over it these days is ridiculous, although it is great that those Coeliacs disease have more food options. Someone I know has just been diagnosed (by a doctor, not by themselves) so I'll donate this their way.

RRP: $6.50
Full size.

Unibis Cookies - Honey & Oatmeal; Almond Pistachio

I've never heard of these biscuits, and I don't normally eat bikkies anyway, but these are really tempting. There are two little packets inside each box, so you can attempt to restrain yourself when eating these. I tried the Almond Pistachio ones, and they are yum! Small mouthfuls of joy (a bit poetic, but accurate). These are crunchy, and really flavourful.

RRP: $3.50 (each)
Full size.

Weet-Bix Multi-Grain (4x sample packs)

Although there are a whole lot of these (and they will make for a week of good breakfasts), these have been fairly easy to get hold of in the last month. There has been a drive to give plenty of these away to uni students, and so I've already received a few of these. However, in Foodiebox's favour, they haven't put these on the card, and so aren't planning on using them towards the value of the box. I see the company is learning.

RRP: $???
Sample size x4

Red Seal Apple and Elderflower

I was quite excited to see a box of tea in here. Red Seal has been in all of the previous Foodieboxes I think, but I'm not complaining. I love tea, and this looks like a perfect before bed brew. I like to have a fruity or herbal tea before bed as they tend to have less or no caffeine. I can't wait to try this out, and I love that each teabag is in an individually sealed bag, so they will travel better. Yum!

RRP: $??? (Also not on the card).
Full size.


Total value of the box: $54.73. (plus tea and weet-bix samples)

Well, I went into this expecting a really terrible box, especially as my view is coloured by the less than stellar boxes Goodiebox have been producing recently. I'm actually quite happy with this box, and like most of the things in it. It has quite a few things I've never tried, or even heard of, and that makes it rather exciting.

Another thing I think is great is that everything is full size. There are no samples listed on the card, and there is no explicit valuation greediness (although I haven't done extensive research on actual prices). I think a little more attention should be paid to the graphics and pixelation on the front of the cards, but this is a small niggle.

After actually enjoying this box more than expected, I will have a hard decision to make. Do I keep paying the somewhat absurd amount of money for it? Or save that money and use it on something I specifically want? I'm going to have to think quite hard about that one.

What do you guys think?

Until next time ...

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