Thursday, 5 March 2015

Masked Madness #3

Kia Ora!

It's time for another episode of Masked Madness!! I'm loving sharing my thoughts on all these masks with everyone, and can't wait to hear your thoughts in that little comment box at the bottom. Enjoy!

Pure Smile Citron Essence Mask

 I received a 5 pack of these one of the Masks boxes from Memebox, and was excited to be able to try out a mask multiple times. I loved using this one, as it was a reliable mask. It wasn't amazing, but it smelt nice, and made my skin hydrated, without excessive hassle or stickiness afterwards. It's not the best ever, but something to throw on when you want to do a sheet mask.

When 10:00PM

This was a gel mask, and I loved the change from a cotton sheet. It comes packaged as 3 layers, with the mask in the middle. The outside layers are pulled off one at a time on application. It's a slightly more prolonged process, but the gel adheres to your skin better and sticks on properly. Ther are no air gaps like in cotton masks. This mask smelt like Vitamin C, and I could feel it tightening on my face as it did it's work. The eye and mouth holes were well positioned and sized, and this is one of the most comfortable masks Í've worn.

Nu Pore Collagen Essence - Fresh Aloe

This was a trial mask that iHerb was selling cheaply a few months ago. I liked using it, although not as much as some of the Korean ones I've tried. This was a comfortable mask, and smelt fresh and lovely. It had plenty of essence, which didn't soak into my skin all that well, as it was still soaking wet after 30 minutes of application. There was a slight tightening of the mask, but not any other particularly interesting features or results.

Q10 Caviar Nourishing Mask

This was one of the first sheet masks I ever received, way back in a Violet Box in June or July 2014. It's interesting to note that this is the first and I now have over 100 collected for future use. Can anyone say obsession?

This wasn't the best mask out there. It smelt a bit old and musty, and the holes for the eyes and mouth were not big enough - and I have a small face so it would be awful for larger-faced people. There was an extra sheet that went around your neck, which is a rather novel, if strange, experience. It was very wet, but the essence sunk in quickly. The residue after removal also sunk in quickly, although it left my face a bit tight after use.

 Freemans Facial Revealing Peel-off Mask - Pomegranate

This was one of the weirder mask expereinces I've had. Putting on the mask was like spreading PVA glue all over your face, although it was a sticky pink gel rather than a white fluid. It dried over 20-30 minutes, and peeled off in one single sheet. It became very tight as it dried, and skin was left a tiny bit sticky upon removal. Afterwards, my skin looked fantastic, and all the visible blackheads has lessened considerably. I can't wait to try more peel-off masks!

Etude House Snail Mask

I ordered from Etude House when they had a free shipping and 50% off of masks in November. I got something like 63 masks, and so I have lots and lots to try out. I did re-order the snail ones in my latest Etude House haul, so I clearly like these ones. I haven't used many other Etude House masks yet, but I'm loving the snail one. It comes with plenty of essence, and a non-offensive smell. The mask size runs a little small, but that suits my face fine. The mask dries out while in use, and all the essence sinks into my face. It is a little sticky after removal, but that seems to fade as I continue with my regular skincare routine. These masks are great for providing hydration, and are so affordable ($1USD). I'll be keeping myself stocked up with these babies.

Well, there you go. I'm crazy busy and stressed out with finishing my Masters off (2 more weeks), but will try and keep posting for you guys. I have a couple of posts planned out, and I've subscribed to some new boxes that I'm really excited to receive and share with everyone. Keep an eye out for those in a couple of weeks.

Until next time ...

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