Monday, 9 March 2015

Lush Unicorn Horn Review

Kia Ora!

I got this lovely Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar from Lush as part of a prize from a wonderful group on Facebook. I had to invade someone else's house in order to use it, but it was worth it. Next time I'm flat hunting, a bath is a necessity!

Look at all the pretty colours! I love it.

I only broke off a bit to start with as I haven't used anything like this before. I dropped this chunk in as the bath was filling up and watched with interest to see what happened next.

Oooh bubbles and the most delightful smell. It was jasmine, combined with some other scents (which I'm rubbish at describing), and smelled so strong and relaxing.

More bubbles. The bath looks so inviting at this stage!

At this point I was so eager to get in. I was just about vibrating with excitement at this point, but had to wait  until the water was the right temperature.

I only ended up using about a third of this bubble bar (or less), and had a sumptuous bath experience. I love that I can get multiple baths out of this bar, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience (the scents, the bubbles). There was some glitter, but it didn't turn me into a character from Twilight, so I'm ok with that. I know this was limited edition, but I highly recommend it.

Until next time ...

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