Thursday, 12 March 2015

Flora and Fauna Autumn 2015

Kia Ora!

I was watching one of my favourite YouTuber's last week, and she was unboxing an Australian subscription box called Flora and Fauna. I loved the look of it, and promptly bought myself a year's subscription. The box comes out quarterly (every 3 months), and Messy was unboxing the Autumn box. I thought I would get the next box when it came out, but the Autumn box turned up on my doorstep today! I'm excited to see this box, even though I already know what's in it.

The box is $35 a box, and shipping to NZ was around $10. I bought a year's subscription for $135 or so, with $40 shipping. I think this is worth it, but I can see it is on the more expensive end of subscription boxes.

It comes in a cardboard box, with a pretty sticker keeping the contents a surprise. I love that the box, worms and tissue paper are all recyclable. This fits well with the cruelty-free and natural values of the company. Personally I can take or leave that sort of thing, but I love that the company is dedicated to the smallest details matching their values.

Ooooh, look at the contents! I haven't gotten a subscription box in quite a long time, and I had forgotten just how exciting it was to see the contents and unpack the items from it.

The all-important card for consultation.

Dr Hauschka Almond Soothing Body Cream

I've tried a foot cream sample like this before, and loved the smell (not the touching my foot part). I'm hoping that this cream is just as delicious, and I'm really excited to be able to give it a go. I don't usually go for little samples like this, but as long as it is a bit of an extra to an already good box it is fine.

Vanessa Megan Rose Water Spray (Toner)

This is one of the products I was really excited to get. I love skincare (as I'm sure you all know by now), and a toner is a great step. Nice and easy, but often with good results. I think this looks more like a nourishing toner, so it should be perfect with my routine. I've just started a new toner, but I will work this one in when I can. The spray smells like the perfect moisture of a scented rose garden, and a hint of sweetness (see how rubbish my scent descriptions are). I am in love!

Neal's Yard Rejuvenating Frankincense Facial Wash

This is a decent sample size, and I'll be able to properly determine how this cleanser works with my skin and my routine. Yay! This cleanser is a cream formula, and smells delicious. It is a very herbal scent, but I like it. Frankincense makes me think of Jesus, and I've never really come across it before so it is neat to identify the scent, and have a try with it as an ingredient.

Green People Intensive Repair Conditioner

I love getting conditioner samples. I'm forever needing more conditioner than shampoo, so I'm really happy to see this one. I love that it is intensive repair, and can't wait to try it out. It smells very herbal again, but I'm fine with that.

EO Hand Sanitiser

I've never gotten a hand sanitiser in a box before so I'm excited to see this. It gives me a brand new product to play with! It is a spray nozzle, which seems odd, but works well. You need a couple of sprays and then rub your hands together. They are a bit sticky immediately afterwards, but that seems to dissipate over time. The scent is Lavender, and has a hint of mint (I think). Mmmmmm.

Organic Babies Nappy Cream Baby Balm

For me this is the least exciting product in the box. I don't have kids, and don't really know anyone with kids so see this product as a bit useless. The card says it is good for all sorts of dry areas, and not just for babies, but I'm not particularly interested. It doesn't help that when I tried to squeeze some out it came out all oily as though it had separated a bit. I'll be passing this one to someone else.

Zuii Organinc Grapefruit Blush

I've never had a sample of blush, or used any blush that wasn't in pressed powder form. This is a new experience for me. But ... I'm in love with this colour. The swatch on my hand doesn't really do it justice. It is a peach-toned blush with golden shimmer in it. I love it! I can't wait to try this out on a special occasion (or simply to celebrate a sunny day). Woohoo!

Although this box was a bit different to what I usually get, I loved it! I was really happy with most of the items in the box, and am excited to get the next one (already!). The only niggly thing is that there are no prices on the card. I didn't have time this week to do research (sorry dear readers, but my Masters submission is next week so that takes priority currently). I hope they add prices for next time, but they do have a 10% off all the brands featured in the box on their website. That's a pretty neat feature (and a good idea from a marketing perspective). Note: not an affiliate link, just a normal one to their website. I don't even know if they do affiliate stuff.

What do you guys think of this box?

Until next time ...

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