Thursday, 24 September 2015

Bonjour Jolie July 2015

Kia Ora!

I'm unboxing the July Bonjour Jolie box today, as the first time it got lost in the post (international shipping seems to be more likely to lose your parcels unfortunately). However, Bonjour Jolie has the absolute best customer service in the entire world, and resent this box (along with another I'd ordered and was shipped at the same time). So now I can bring a (very) late unboxing of July to you!

Bonjour Jolie is a period subscription service, with lots of options for feminine hygeine products, allowing you to choose between pads, tampons, and disposable menstrual cups depending on personal preference. You can mix and match, and change your choices month to month as well. This is $16USD. There is also an option simply to receive the pampering products, and I've opted for this option for $10USD per month + shipping. Shipping to New Zealand is $14.50.

The card! The theme is A Day at the Beach, which is appropriate for the summertime in the Northern Hemisphere and a nice reminder of what we can expect around Christmas time in the Southern Hemisphere.

Silver and Stone Starfish Necklace

I love this necklace. I think wearing dainty silver necklaces is perfect in summer (when necklines tend to be a little lower), and I'm really looking forward to wearing this over the next couple of months. The stone is immovable on the chain, and the starfish charm will move up and down the chain, so you can slightly customise this necklace to your own preferences (although I imagine gravity will mean that the charms are together most of the time).

RRP: $14

You can check out the Etsy shop for more jewellery! This was the same person who provided the necklace for the June Box (which I also adore and is one of my most-worn work necklaces).

Bonjour Jolie Organic Body Scrub - Pina Coloda

Have I mentioned recently that I'm obsessed with body scrubs? I've been using plenty, and loving it, so I'm quite excited to see this tub of it! The oil has separated from the scrub particles, but that's nothing a good stir won't fix. It smells divine, all pineapple and coconut, and I can't wait to start using it. I imagine it will be quite moisturising too considering the oil in there.

RRP: $12
Full size.

Brothers All Natural Fruit Crisps

Yum! I love seeing a slightly healthier snack in here (not that I don't love all the lollies and things), and can't wait to try it out. I'm hoping it will be the texture of chips (crisps for those who differentiate), but will delicious apple flavour. I think this will make a nice 3pm work snack.

Skittles - Dessert flavour

Who doesn't love Skittles? I haven't tried this set of flavours before, but it's the perfect thing to take to the movies, or eat during a movie night at home. I'm planning on watching the extended edition of The Two Towers tonight so I think these will be perfect for that.

Swedish Fish

These are fantastic. A bit like a cross between red liquorice and gummy bears, and I love them. There were more than this in the box, but I ate about half before it was photo taking time - sorry everyone!

Fruit Filled Sea Shell Candy

I haven't tried these ones yet, but they are hard lollies (most likely to have a fruit filling?). They look nice, and another new thing to try out is always welcome.


Honestly, I'm happy to see these, but not overly excited. I think it's a cool thing to have in the box, and I will eat them, but I don't generally gravitate towards lollipops as my sweet of choice. Although the last lollipops I had from Bonjour Jolie (back in April) were amazing, so these may surprise me too.

Margaritaville Drink Packets

These are a nice summery touch. I would be lying if I said I'm not disappointed - I really love tea bags - but these will be fun to try out in my drink bottle at work. Perfect summer drink by the looks!

Well there were a lot of great goodies in the July box! The usual sanitary wipes and ibuprofin (I can't remember the American brand name for it) were there too, but they don't really need their own photo and blurb. I truly do love getting the boxes from Bonjour Jolie - despite them being very expensive right now with the terrible exchange rate. The variety of snack items (usually ones I've never tried before) and the great pamper/jewellery items are truly top notch.

What do you think of the box?

Until next time ...