Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Empties August 2015

Kia Ora!

I can't believe August is over already! I know I say that every month, but wow! We got a new coffee table this month, which is what I've used for the background for the photos. It's bamboo and teak apparently, which looks amazing so let me know if you like it or not as a photo background. 

teapigs - super fruit

This is a delicious tea brand from the UK, and my sister sends it to me. I was holding on to the last few of this packet, when another one turned up in the post! No more hoarding necessary. This is the berry-ist tea I've ever tried, and I could easily drink cup after cup. Yum!

Repurchase: If I can, yes.

Homebrand Cotton Squares

I've had these sitting around for months, and I've been using them to clean up spills in the bathroom. These are terrible, and basically shred themselves when I use them for toner. Not a great product, and I would recommend spending a little more for something that works as it is supposed to.

Repurchase: NO!

Etude House My Beauty Tool

These pop up in every second Empties or so, because I absolutely love them! They are perfect for applying toner, using with eye makeup remover, or for any other random thing that needs doing. They stay together, and have a great price-point (if you are willing to order from Korea - and usually in bulk like I do).

Repurchase: Yes! In a few months.

KMS California Moist Repair

I got this some time last year, and it's been languishing in my shower. I've been using it, but once it gets near the end it is really difficult to get the product out. It's a thick gel, almost too thick, which normally is fine. However it makes it difficult to get out near the end, which resulted in me yelling for my SO to come and help. I liked the results it had on my hair, leaving it slightly thicker, shiny, and soft.

Repurchase: Not right now, but maybe in the future.

ibelivyu Hand Lotion

I've had this on my desk at work, and loved it. It makes my hands smell good, sinks in very easily, and doesn't have a greasy layer. I am glad to have finished a hand cream as I have twenty million, and don't use them all that often.

Repurchase: No, I have enough hand cream.

Fortune Cookie Soap Deodorant - Wendy Bird

This was an interesting product to try out. I've not really used solid deodorant before, and I'm still not sure how I feel. I loved the scent of this, honestly I couldn't get enough, but it didn't seem to last much longer than application. It also didn't seem to reduce sweating, or cover odor (not that I usually have much but still). I'm heading back to my tried and true Dove I think.

Repurchase: No.

Soak Hair Shine Shampoo and Hair Revive Conditioner

I took these away for a long weekend, and got 3-4 uses from them which was great for sample sizes. I loved the shampoo, it smelled like berries and left my hair clean but not stripped. The conditioner was ok, but nothing wow-worthy about it. I got these in the May Lust Have It box, so can't get them in New Zealand. However, I'm heading to Sydney in 6 weeks so I'll see if I can find them then.

Repurchase: Yes

Lush Sakura bath bomb and Pop in the Bath Bubble Bar

These were a present when I was house-sitting so I could take full advantage of the bath. I loved being able to run a tub full of hot water, drop one of these in and relax with a delicious scent perfuming the air around me. The bubble bar lasted 3 baths, and created oodles of bubbles. The bath bomb had a powerful scent to begin with, but it faded quicker than I would have preferred. I did love being able to use Lush, as they have some wonderful scents in their products, and their bath bombs and bubble bars are something I'd been dying to try.

Repurchase: No as I no longer have a bath, but if I ever have one again in my house then yes (long-winded but you get the point).

The Cosmetic Kitchen Wake Up Body Scrub

This one is from a Lust Have It (June) and I quite liked it. It was a nice scrub, which had a distinct coffee aroma, and did leave me feeling invigorated - not the best feeling late at night when you want to go to sleep. User error alert! I do think that it worked better in damp conditions, i.e. a pre-moistened body, than dry conditions as advocated by the packet. Otherwise I really enjoyed using this packet. It lasted 5-6 uses I think, so not a bad price either.

Repurchase: No, I want to see what other scrubs are like.

Wotnot Facial Wipes

This 5 pack was a great size for trying out the brand. I didn't like the smell at all, it was very herbally to begin with, but the wipes were ok. Not the best, but they removed dirt and grime easily, and left my face feeling refreshed.

Repurchase: No.

The Body Shop Satsuma Body Wash and Body Puree

I love this scent from The Body Shop. I have for years. The body wash was ... good. Typical body wash, nothing really special other than the scent. The body puree on the other hand, was manna from the gods. It sunk into my skin almost immediately, smelt fantastic for ages, and lasted quite awhile too. Unfortunately winter cold got to it, and lots wouldn't come out of the bottle, but it's a great product.

Repurchase: Maybe after I've run through my accidental stockpile of body wash and moisturiser.

ibelivyu Sugar Scrub

I received my first set of these cubes in a Memebox, what seems to be eons ago. I did a review last year, and was on the hunt for more. A friend had a tube in Mint, and I jumped at the chance to use these again. I love these as exfoliating cubes, and they work wonders for my face. I can't seem to find them online, so if anyone knows where to get them, I will be in great debt to be pointed in the right direction.

Repurchase: I wish.

Del Skin Skin Juice 90 Real Ampoule

This is another product I'm devastated to finish, as it is amazing and I can't find it online. This is a very thin ampoule, it almost looked like a juice in the bottle. I got it in my Dessert Memebox (picture in the unboxing post of the full product). It lasted for 9-12 months of daily use, and made my skin look amazing. It has instant brightening effects and also plumps and hydrates the skin. It's basically a miracle product for me, and I love it. Again, if anyone knows where to get this, I will be in their debt.

Repurchase: I wish.

There we go, another month of empties. I've decided to dedicate myself to body lotion throughout September, so expect a plethora of those next time!

Has anyone else used any of these products? What did you think?

Until next time ...

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