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Butterfly Party Soap Shower and Body Box September 2015

Kia Ora!

If that isn't the longest blog post title I've had, I'll be damned. Phew! I have another month of goodies from the spectacular Butterfly Party Soap Subscription to show you today. I've been loving these products recently, and love getting lucky dip scents as then I will possibly find something to love that I wouldn't have chosen myself.

The theme for this box is Celebration, in honour of September being the one year anniversary of this box. I just wish I'd known about it earlier in 2015, so I could have had more boxes (moar I say, moar!).

The card. Apologies for the terrible angle on this one, I'm still figuring out some of the more complicated settings on my camera. 

Luxury Soap - Fairy Floss

This is a huge chunk of soap. It will last forever! It's got swirls of colour, and what looks like mini-pearls on the top. I haven't opened it to smell it as I'm going to give this away as a Christmas present (or possibly on the blog at a later date) but it's a great item to have in the box.

RRP: $6.50
Full size. 

Bath and Shower Whip - Candy Land

This product is fantastic. It's a the perfect medium between a bar of soap, and a bottle of shower gel. It's a soft mousse, that lathers wonderfully, and leaves you smelling great. I'm honestly addicted to this product. This scent straight up smells like lollies. It's almost a sickly sweet, but I like it!

RRP: $5
Sample size.  

Body Butter - Choc Mint Icecream

One can never have enough lotion (says the girl with several drawers full). I love that this is chocolate mint icecream flavoured! This isn't my favourite product as it is a bit rich for my skin, but I will use it and I'm happy it's in the box.  A tub this size will last for a couple of weeks at least, so it's a great addition to the box.

RRP: $5
Sample size.  

Foamy Scrub - Choc Berry Torte

These scrubs are currently the love of my life (sorry to my SO when he reads this). I can't get over how fantastic the scrubbing particles are (sugar I think), and that they also lather like soap, work well as a shaving cream, and leave my skin totally moisturised too. Best. Product. Ever!

RRP: $5
Sample size.  

Foamy Scrub - Sangria Punch

Another pottle of scrub! I'm a very happy girl right now! This scent is fast becoming one of my favourites too. It's fruity and sweet, and smells like sangria (obviously). I'm so excited to use this up, but will have to get my nose out of the container first.

RRP $5
Sample size.  

Lip Balm - Pina Coloda

The scent in this balm is the perfect mix of coconut and pineapple. It's great. I'm not a huge fan of the lip balm. It's a bit too much oil for me, but it is great for hydrating lips overnight, and the scents are wonderful (and don't taste half bad either). I'm happy with this, but not overly excited.

RRP: $3.50
Full size.

Total value of the box: $30.

This box isn't quite as great as the August box (even the value seems a bit low), but I'm really happy to have two tubs of scrub and that lolly-smelling shower whip. I still think that this is good value for money as the products are high quality, and hand-made, but August was better (for me). Each to their own though, and I can see how a lot of people would love this box completely.

What do you think?

Until next time ...

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