Thursday, 10 September 2015

DIY Violet Box Storage Drawers

Kia Ora!

I get a lot of subscription boxes, and after popping the products  away in their new homes, I'm usually left with a lot of empty boxes.Some of them aren't great for reuse, but I do like the drawer feature of the Violet Boxes as they are useful for storage. I've been stacking them up to make mini-sets of drawers already, and thought I might make it a permanent feature. Unfortunately Violet Box closed down last month, but for those who have extra boxes lying around, this might be a useful idea.

I've whipped up a tutorial (a bad one), on what I did. 

First take some empty Violet Boxes. Take the drawers out, leaving just the cardboard sleeve.

You will need some sort of glue. I used this one, and it was great. Any type of glue will be fine though.

Squirt the glue onto the top of one box sleeve. Make sure that you get glue in all the corners, and along each side so the set of drawers will be stable.

Here's what mine looked like. Next simply stack another box sleeve on top and repeat. 

I made two little sets of three drawers, but you  can make this as big or little as you prefer.

I thought everyone would like to see what I'm keeping in my drawers. One set is for makeup things. The top drawer has foundation/powder/primer in it. The second has lip balms and butters, and lip scrubs. The bottom drawer is blush and highlighter (which I hardly use, but there it is).

This set of drawers tends to be my spares of items, or items I'm not sure I'll use. The top drawer is mascara (which I have a massive amount to get through) and BB cream back-ups. The second drawer contains things from subscription boxes that I don't know if I'll use or give away. The third drawer has hair chalk and Nuxe oil.

I hope you like seeing what I did with my Violet Boxes. Sorry about the weird light, I had to take these photos at night so no natural daylight, boo.

What have you lovely readers used your boxes for (if you have them)? What would you like to use them for?

Until next time ...

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