Thursday, 17 September 2015

Butterfly Party Soap Shower and Body Box August 2015

Kia Ora!

Upon opening the door to the courier last week, I was given three months worth of the Bath and Body box from Butterfly Party Soap. One was August (unboxed below), and the other two are September and October (coming up in the next two weeks). I've been eagerly awaiting these boxes, as I've fallen completely in love with these delicious-smelling products. 

I paid $70 AUD for three months, and shipping was $5 per box to New Zealand. This was charged separately, but it was great that there was the flexibility to ship overseas on request. The website has remnants left on it, but she is only a few weeks away from an international move. I'm counting down until Aimee reopens in New Zealand (hopefully in January or February of 2016). 

A sheet of paper in included in each box, listing the types of products included and their price. The particular scents aren't mentioned on the card, but I love that this is included. It's clearly just a print-at-home job, which is fine when you don't have big budget for glossy picture cards like the bigger subscription boxes. Some of the smaller ones don't include information at all, so I really love that the time has been taken to create this information and it's popped in the box. 

 Luxury Foot Soak - Vanilla Bean

I've never used a foot soak before. This is a huge packet, so I think it will keep me going for awhile. Sounds like a nice relaxing way to make a mess of the carpet, but I'll happily give it a go. I'm always up to trying out new things.

RRP: $15
Full size.

 Luxury Soap - Anjou Pear Blossom

This soap smells divine. It smells like sweet pears, and it looks beautiful too. This is a small chunk, but I'm sure it will last for some time. I can't wait to use this, as the scent is wonderful.

RRP: $7 (according to the sheet)
Sample size (150g).

Bath Whip - Viva La Juicy

This is a mousse type soap, and I love it. It lathers up really well, and leaves you clean and moisturised. I think there must be some sort of oil in it as your skin feels wonderful after you've used this. I am obsessed with this scent too. It's very sweet and fruity. Yum!

RRP: $5
Samples size.  

Aloe Vera Lotion 

I have heard great things about this lotion from others who received this box earlier than I did. I'm excited to give it a go. I'll probably use it on my legs as going into hotter weather they will appreciate the extra moisture.

RRP: $18 (100g full size)
Sample size (25g): $4.50 

Exfoliating Face Mask

Everyone knows I'm obsessed with face masks, so it should come as no surprise that there were squeals of excitement when I discovered this in the box! I am truly excited about using this one, and will be doing so at the first opportunity. It's quite oily, and the oil leaked a tiny bit during shipping, but no worries, nothing a wet cloth couldn't sort out.

RRP: $16
Full size.  

Coffee Scrub - Caramel Latte

I'm also in love with all types of scrubs at the moment, so uncovering this underneath everything else has made me one happy blogger. Adding caramel simply makes it a more anticipatory experience for me, and I can't wait to try this one out. The sugar scrubs Aimee makes are the best I've ever tried, so I'm expecting good things from this.

RRP: $8
Full size.

Total value of the box: $48.50 (not including the soap sample as I'm not sure how big it is).

That's some fantastic value in the box, and for me this is one of the best boxes I've ever received. It has a full size coffee scrub, face mask, and foot soak, as well as a couple of delicious smelling samples. There is a wide variety of products, including a couple I wouldn't have bought for myself but I'm very excited to try out.

Which product in the box would you be most excited to see?

Until next time ...

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